Your Prospects Want to Watch Videos About Your Products, Not Read About Them

Here is an amazing statistic for you: according to Google nearly 2/3rds of Internet surfers search for product and service videos online. Imagine! Nearly two out of three people are looking for videos about what they want to buy before they make a purchase. For Millennials that number is even higher.

As I stated in a previous video blog “Why You Absolutely Must Be On Youtube” – Google found that 80% of users would rather watch a video about a product or service than read about it. People don’t want to read. They want to watch.

So let me ask you something: Can your prospects find informative and professional video about your products and services online? If two out of three people are searching for what you offer, are they going to find you?

Prospects want to see your product in action, not just photos. A video shows so much more than a static image, and this is why people prefer video over static web pages. So there has never been such a demand for you to deliver information to your prospects via video as there is today. This DEMAND for video – and it is a demand, not a request – is going to increase.

So what makes a good product video?

  • Demonstrate the product in action. Show it “doing” what it does, with someone that the viewer can identify with. Having the viewer easily see themselves doing the same thing goes a long way toward a buying decision.
  • Show its simplicity and ease of use, its durability, efficiency, attractiveness, utility, etc. As many sales professionals state- “sell the benefits, not the product”.
  • The video must be entertaining. Nobody is going to watch your product demonstration if they have to suffer through it because it is boring. Or the presenter is boring. It doesn’t need to be a step by step clinical demonstration, although in some instances that may be perfect. Often it can just show the product in action. So make sure the visuals are sharp and engaging. Which leads us to our next point –
  • Make sure the video is professional. Your product video needs to reflect the same professionalism as your product and your company. An amateur video makes you look amateur. It needs to be filmed professionally with quality cameras and audio equipment. It needs to look (and sound) polished and not like you did it yourself (i.e. shot with your iPhone). It should be edited professionally and in every way be an excellent reflection of your product and your company. Anything else is a negative reflection on you.

An experienced ad agency or video production company (like CinematixHD!) can work with you and your team to develop product and service videos that will engage, educate and entertain your prospects leading them to choose your products and services. And given the current state of the Internet this is not only a desirable undertaking, but a necessary one to remain competitive in an ever growing media centric world.

Jim Ross, Cinematographer and Producer

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Marketing Golf Clubs No Longer Taboo – It’s About Survival

It’s not breaking news that Golf as an industry has been struggling with declining memberships, course closures, aging players leaving the game and younger generations passing on the game all together. Many clubs are struggling to maintain their membership base, and the majority of clubs are facing some serious challenges.

For many clubs, marketing a golf course is considered taboo. Marketing activities indicate it is in trouble, and is frowned upon. Or there is that mindset by older board members that it’s “just not the way things are done!” because for many decades this has been the norm.

However, faced with financial realities, clubs need to take steps to build their member base, or else. Times have changed, and clubs need to change with the times. It’s become a matter of survival. Market, or close up.

Some clubs have found a way to reach the younger generation of golfers and boost their membership. How? By creating engaging online video about the club and the events that go on at that establishment. A video that piques their interest, and fills them with a desire to visit, take a tour, and ultimately join.

It is the Internet age, and on the Internet now, video rules. Study after study shows that people prefer video. And not just kids. Forbes discovered that even executives in the c-suite prefer video. People prefer video so much that google reports that a video on a home page boosts retention 400%, and keeps people on your website 800% longer. Video increases conversion by 35% meaning that 35% more people are more likely to call you to set up an appointment to tour the club.

Why? Because people simply prefer video. The moving image (as in video or film), engages people more emotionally than text or pictures. This explains our love of films and television. And if you are in sales, I’m sure you remember from sales 101 that “People don’t buy for logical reasons, they buy for emotional reasons.” And video, done right, gets those emotions going so they are more likely to take action. Put simply, if a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a 3 minute engaging and professionally produced video worth?

Statistics aside, just consider it on a gut level – compare a static web page with pictures, to a professional video of the same subject. This is especially true with such experience based offerings like a country club – which do you think is more engaging and more likely to get someone to take a club tour? A few pictures? Or a wonderfully cinematic video showing the experience, and putting the viewer into the experience?

And video supports all other marketing- website, print, social media, direct mail.

So what’s it going to be? Stick to the old ways? Or embrace the new and create a marketing video that will illustrate the joys and benefits of club membership that will have people coming by for a tour?

Jim Ross, Cinematographer and Producer at CinematixHD


Been to McDonald’s lately? No, of course you haven’t. But let’s say you have . . . heh heh. You would have noticed that the menu boards are gone. In their place are giant flat screen TVs with ever changing menu options, enticing photos and . . . VIDEO!

Video with sizzling burgers, cracking eggs, frothy smoothies and french fries sparkling with salt waiting for a dip into some ketchup. Because those marketing people at McDonald’s KNOW that video engages the viewer. Even when they already have you in the store, they know that watching those images are enticing and making you think “SUPERSIZE ME!”

And Mickey D’s isn’t the only one. Most of the big food boxes are doing this now. So take a lesson from these people who spend an amount equal to the GDP of small nations on advertising – video works. Maybe you don’t need or want giant screens in your restaurant. Perhaps you don’t HAVE a restaurant and you are strictly in retail, grocery stores, or online selling. Still, if you are not using video for your website, for your Facebook page, and all your social media, you are not reaching your prospects in the medium in which they want to be reached.

Google reports that 80% of people online would rather watch a video about your product or service than read about it. Facebook says videos get a gazillion more views and shares than a photo. Or was it half a gazillion? I don’t remember. But I digress.

And besides, which do YOU think is more enticing – a photo? Or a video of a steaming plate of fresh food, or cold mist running down a frosty glass? You get the idea!

But don’t simply jump up and grab your iPhone and start recording. You need video done RIGHT. And just as in anything that is instrumental to your business like sales, accounting, IT, and management – video done right takes skill, talent, equipment, and experience. So look for someone who has done this kind of work before. Check out their work. Talk to them about what you can do to put your food and beverage offering out in the public eye that will have people lining up.

In the Internet Age video is King. Make certain you are not overlooking this fantastic and necessary medium for reaching your prospects.

Jim Ross, Cinematographer

ABOUT US: CinematixHD has a reputation for filming action and adrenaline. But we also specialize in filming things cinematically. Let CinematixHD present your food and beverage products and services in a professional video that will have your prospects’ mouths watering. Jim Ross (770) 938-7077