A way of staying “state of the art” is by investing in new gear and equipment. This week we up’d our game by acquiring a new DJI Ronin camera stabilizer. This wonderful piece of technology allows a camera operator to hand hold a camera while keeping the camera extremely still. […]

Ahhh, the figures on the growth of Internet video and its affect on consumers continue to impress. Although sites like YouTube have not even been around for a decade, and that the majority of video currently on the Internet did not exist even five short years ago, over 80% of […]

If you haven’t read the blog “How much does video production cost” I suggest you read it FIRST and then come back here, as this blog will make more sense if you already know how budgets are affected. So given the knowledge that your video will largely be determined by […]

 I often get calls from people I know who ask me for advice on how to do video.  I equate this to being an attorney and always having your friends and family asking you legal questions. Their intentions are usually good, and it always involves “I can’t afford to hire […]

Anytime something new comes out, there will be naysayers. Remember when websites were first gaining popularity how some pooh-poohed the Internet saying it was a fad? Even within your own company I am sure many said it was a waste of time and money. Often these people were in marketing. […]

During a creative session with a client I checked out a video they had on Youtube. I won’t be specific about the content but let’s just say it was pretty bad. Bad camera work, bad audio, bad editing, I mean it was all around bad bad bad. I know, say […]

What is with this per minute rate I keep getting asked about? Of course I get phone call inquiries about how much a video will cost based upon project scope. It’s to be expected. But, occasionally, I will get the dreaded “What is your “per finished minute rate” question. It […]