It’s not breaking news that Golf as an industry has been struggling with declining memberships, course closures, aging players leaving the game and younger generations passing on the game all together. Many clubs are struggling to maintain their membership base, and the majority of clubs are facing some serious challenges. […]

Click to watch “Why You Should Always Use a Make-up Artist & Stylist for Your Production”  [TEXT TRANSCRIPT] Hi I’m Jim Ross Cinematographer at CinematixHD with another episode of Hdpros.. There is an important person that will greatly improve the quality of a video production, however this person is often […]

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I’m very happy to announce that I have launched a stand alone website for my blog. Not only that, but my blog is now totally video based. Heck, if you are going to preach that the Internet is video driven, you ought to practice what you preach. The new site […]

Ahhh, the figures on the growth of Internet video and its affect on consumers continue to impress. Although sites like YouTube have not even been around for a decade, and that the majority of video currently on the Internet did not exist even five short years ago, over 80% of […]

If you haven’t read the blog “How much does video production cost” I suggest you read it FIRST and then come back here, as this blog will make more sense if you already know how budgets are affected. So given the knowledge that your video will largely be determined by […]

 I often get calls from people I know who ask me for advice on how to do video.  I equate this to being an attorney and always having your friends and family asking you legal questions. Their intentions are usually good, and it always involves “I can’t afford to hire […]