Click the image to watch: EC3 Electric Camera Crane Car We’d like to introduce you to our latest piece of video and filmmaking equipment – the EC3 – Electric Camera Crane Car. A camera platform designed specifically for filming action scenes such as sports and action sequences. The EC3 was […]

This May Cinematix moved fully into the 4K video production field. We currently are filming projects with two cameras capable of filming in 4K resolution, also known as Ultra High Definition. By teaming up a Panasonic DVX200 and the Red Epic “Weapon” we are fully equipped to handle your production […]

A way of staying “state of the art” is by investing in new gear and equipment. This week we up’d our game by acquiring a new DJI Ronin camera stabilizer. This wonderful piece of technology allows a camera operator to hand hold a camera while keeping the camera extremely still. […]

Anytime something new comes out, there will be naysayers. Remember when websites were first gaining popularity how some pooh-poohed the Internet saying it was a fad? Even within your own company I am sure many said it was a waste of time and money. Often these people were in marketing. […]