Been to McDonald’s lately? No, of course you haven’t. But let’s say you have . . . heh heh. You would have noticed that the menu boards are gone. In their place are giant flat screen TVs with ever changing menu options, enticing photos and . . . VIDEO!

Video with sizzling burgers, cracking eggs, frothy smoothies and french fries sparkling with salt waiting for a dip into some ketchup. Because those marketing people at McDonald’s KNOW that video engages the viewer. Even when they already have you in the store, they know that watching those images are enticing and making you think “SUPERSIZE ME!”

And Mickey D’s isn’t the only one. Most of the big food boxes are doing this now. So take a lesson from these people who spend an amount equal to the GDP of small nations on advertising – video works. Maybe you don’t need or want giant screens in your restaurant. Perhaps you don’t HAVE a restaurant and you are strictly in retail, grocery stores, or online selling. Still, if you are not using video for your website, for your Facebook page, and all your social media, you are not reaching your prospects in the medium in which they want to be reached.

Google reports that 80% of people online would rather watch a video about your product or service than read about it. Facebook says videos get a gazillion more views and shares than a photo. Or was it half a gazillion? I don’t remember. But I digress.

And besides, which do YOU think is more enticing – a photo? Or a video of a steaming plate of fresh food, or cold mist running down a frosty glass? You get the idea!

But don’t simply jump up and grab your iPhone and start recording. You need video done RIGHT. And just as in anything that is instrumental to your business like sales, accounting, IT, and management – video done right takes skill, talent, equipment, and experience. So look for someone who has done this kind of work before. Check out their work. Talk to them about what you can do to put your food and beverage offering out in the public eye that will have people lining up.

In the Internet Age video is King. Make certain you are not overlooking this fantastic and necessary medium for reaching your prospects.

Jim Ross, Cinematographer

ABOUT US: CinematixHD has a reputation for filming action and adrenaline. But we also specialize in filming things cinematically. Let CinematixHD present your food and beverage products and services in a professional video that will have your prospects’ mouths watering. Jim Ross (770) 938-7077