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How To Choose the Right Video Production Company    If you’ve decided to make the move into video, here’s how to make sure you choose a company to do the job right.

How Much Does a Video Cost?  How are video budgets determined? In this video I talk about the factors that will contribute most to the final cost of your video production.

Video Not Going Viral? So what! Views Don’t Matter!  Many people think that if your video is not getting thousands or even tens of thousands  of views that means your video is a failure. Not true! In this video I discuss what REALLY matters with your video production.

Why You Absolutely Need to Be On Youtube.   If you do not have a video presence on Youtube you are making a HUGE mistake. Here’s why.

Benefits to Using a Soundstage.  If you think a sound stage is out of your league or out or your budget you NEED to watch this video.

What Google Says to Do To Increase Your Search Rankings.    Google says to do this one thing and you will greatly increase your search engine rankings and many other benefits as well.

Should You Hire Actors for Your Marketing Video?    Learn when it is a good idea to hire actors for your project and when it is okay to star in it yourself.

Raise Your Email CTR With This Technique   Find out how to raise the CTR (click-thru-rate) of your email campaign from 100 – 500% with this easy technique.

Should You Use a Make-up Artist on Your  Video Production?    Do You REALLY need a make-up artist for you business marketing video? No, only if you want it to look good.

Why is There Such a Disparity In Pricing Between Production Firms?  Ever wonder why you can get such a varying degree of bids from production companies for the same project? It’s not an accident.

EC3 Introduction   Our EC3- Electric Camera Crane car. We use it to capture stunning images for athletics, and adrenaline subjects. Come take a ride!

Why Video is No Longer an Option!   It is the age of video on the Internet. If you are not creating the video content that your prospects DEMAND, they are going somewhere else.

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