Much of the work we do is for advertising agencies and we cannot show that work here. Why? Because we’d be giving away their secret that their in-house production company is actually Cinematix HD. But below are some of the many works we have created directly for clients over the years. From cinematic overviews about properties and resorts – to heart pounding adrenaline of speeding cars, boats and sports activities – to clutching your sides laughing comedy – to safety and training video – we’ve got it covered.

Adrenaline Reel
Commercial Reel
Comedy Reel
Horror Reel
Visit Japan!
UT Rugby
Commercial Reel Montage
Rower Airshows
Riverside Epicenter
Misty Loggins
Paradise Arabians
Iceland Adventure
200MPH Challenge
Korean War Hero
Mezzo Atlanta
Onsite Shine
DeBracey Productions
Onsite Shine
Bless Yer Heart TV
Kaiser Permanente
Learning On the Log
Suspension of Disbelief