Many of the productions created by Jim Ross and CinematixHD are what are known in the business as “white label” productions. These are productions where advertising agencies and media companies hire production companies to create productions for their clients, but the production companies act as if they are a part of the agency. Because of this arrangement, much of the work we create we can’t show you, because, well- we can’t! But we’ll be as tight lipped for YOUR agency! You can have all the benefits of having a great internal production company without all the expense that comes with it.

However, some of our work we can show off, and this is the place to see it. Browse through the thumbnails below to view some of our exciting work. Each of the videos below can be watched full screen by clicking the arrows in the lower right of each player.

  Paradise Arabians   University of Tennessee

 Misty Loggins Music Video  Kinetic Speed Shop

Hampton Island Wings After Sunset

Break Your Fear Sky Dive Adventure 200MPH Challenge


 Gary Rower Airshows  MBA Air Combat Adventure

 MBA Epic Safari Adventure  Escape!

 The Brookwood Split  IFBB Pro Roc Shabazz

 MBA Baja Adventure  Passport Health

 MBA Iceland Adventure  Randy Ross- “What a Pitcher”

Piano Dream
Onsite Shine

10Side Apartments
Mezzo Atlanta

Technology Assoc of GA
Learning On the Log

MBA Covert Ops Training
The Nudge

Resort Fire Act
Break Your Fear Theme

Personal Works

Visit Japan

by Jim Ross

Pacific Coast Highway

African Safari

Iceland In Summer
Port of Kobe