Power of Video Continues to Grow

Ahhh, the figures on the growth of Internet video and its affect on consumers continue to impress. Although sites like YouTube have not even been around for a decade, and that the majority of video currently on the Internet did not exist even five short years ago, over 80% of web surfers polled by Google stated they would rather watch a video than read a web page.

That’s not surprising given the current populations’ love of motion pictures and television. And it is not just the young. Forbes Magazine found that 65% of C-Suite senior executives feel the same way. They would rather watch a video than read a webpage.

Consumers’ appetites for video continues to climb. Websurfers no longer simply prefer video to traditional webpages, they demand it. More and more polls and statistics show that when it comes to reaching your prospect you MUST use video to catch, and keep their interest. Video has become a necessity.

But that is not bad news! Because video is shown to increase conversion to sales. Google’s poll also stated that people are much more likely to make a decision to purchase after seeing a quality video about the product or service they were interested in. But note I said “quality”.

Google’s poll found that the majority of web surfers make a judgment call on the credibility and trustworthiness of a company based on the quality of its website. You can be certain that includes the perceived quality of the video contained there as well. So just as a shoddy website will turn off prospects, a shoddy cheap video will turn them away.

But, again, that is not bad news! Because getting a quality video made for your company has never been more available and affordable. If you work with a reputable professional production company like CinematixHD, that is. Because there are plenty of production people who are producing affordable video, but not “quality” video. All video production is not the same. Like anything else, you get what you pay for. Walmart may be cheap, but you don’t expect anything you buy there to last or be of very high quality. Same with video production. Cheaper almost always means lesser quality, so do your research.

If you have been putting off adding video to your marketing, the time has never been better, or more urgent for that matter, than now.