Your Prospects Want to Watch Videos About Your Products, Not Read About Them

Here is an amazing statistic for you: according to Google nearly 2/3rds of Internet surfers search for product and service videos online. Imagine! Nearly two out of three people are looking for videos about what they want to buy before they make a purchase. For Millennials that number is even higher.

As I stated in a previous video blog “Why You Absolutely Must Be On Youtube” – Google found that 80% of users would rather watch a video about a product or service than read about it. People don’t want to read. They want to watch.

So let me ask you something: Can your prospects find informative and professional video about your products and services online? If two out of three people are searching for what you offer, are they going to find you?

Prospects want to see your product in action, not just photos. A video shows so much more than a static image, and this is why people prefer video over static web pages. So there has never been such a demand for you to deliver information to your prospects via video as there is today. This DEMAND for video – and it is a demand, not a request – is going to increase.

So what makes a good product video?

  • Demonstrate the product in action. Show it “doing” what it does, with someone that the viewer can identify with. Having the viewer easily see themselves doing the same thing goes a long way toward a buying decision.
  • Show its simplicity and ease of use, its durability, efficiency, attractiveness, utility, etc. As many sales professionals state- “sell the benefits, not the product”.
  • The video must be entertaining. Nobody is going to watch your product demonstration if they have to suffer through it because it is boring. Or the presenter is boring. It doesn’t need to be a step by step clinical demonstration, although in some instances that may be perfect. Often it can just show the product in action. So make sure the visuals are sharp and engaging. Which leads us to our next point –
  • Make sure the video is professional. Your product video needs to reflect the same professionalism as your product and your company. An amateur video makes you look amateur. It needs to be filmed professionally with quality cameras and audio equipment. It needs to look (and sound) polished and not like you did it yourself (i.e. shot with your iPhone). It should be edited professionally and in every way be an excellent reflection of your product and your company. Anything else is a negative reflection on you.

An experienced ad agency or video production company (like CinematixHD!) can work with you and your team to develop product and service videos that will engage, educate and entertain your prospects leading them to choose your products and services. And given the current state of the Internet this is not only a desirable undertaking, but a necessary one to remain competitive in an ever growing media centric world.

Jim Ross, Cinematographer and Producer

(770) 938-7077