How Do You Stand Out In a Flood of Luxury Apartments?

By the end of 2017 over 20,000 new apartments entered the Atlanta market since the big construction boom started in 2014. Thousands more are currently under construction right now. Additionally, over 90% of these units are in the “luxury” category boasting high end appliances, upscale décor, and glorious amenities. This is a 900% increase in the number of luxury apartments available since 2012. So many in fact, that some developers have actually halted construction on several properties, and even the Wall Street Journal predicts lowered rents in an attempt to help fill the surplus.

So how can your property stand out in what has been called a glut of luxury apartment offerings? You stand out with a professional video that will have prospects staring in amazement at their computer screens saying “I want to live THERE!” You showcase your property like something they’d see on a vacation TV show.

Not all video is created equal. At CinematixHD we create videos that look more like film or cinema, thus our name Cinematix. Using professional production equipment including stabilization rigs, camera cranes, FAA licensed drones, and cinematic cameras and lenses – we capture images others simply can’t match.

Why go through all this trouble? Because your marketing video is a reflection upon you. When you settle for a cheap unprofessional video or a photo slide-show to showcase your property, what message are you sending to your potential residents? If your message is cheap, you look cheap.

A luxurious property or service needs to be showcased that way. If you want your message to be that your property is more like a resort, then you need to portray it that way. Don’t make the mistake of having a cheap video or slideshow bruise your image.

Yes, it is going to cost more than an art school kid with a camera and a tripod, But our professional video productions stand head and shoulders above the rest, and is an investment that will bring you new residents for years to come, paying for itself over and over.

Imagine what a video of this caliber could do for your property. Then give Cinematix a call.

Here are examples of cinematic property videos created by CinematixHD. Imagine what a video of this caliber could do for your property.

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Hampton Island Preserve
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