Grip/Lighting and Acquisition Support


Cinematix provides grip, lighting, and crew support aimed at small to medium sized productions. Our grip and lighting packages won’t be enough to film the next chapter of Star Wars, but with two 5-Ton grip trucks loaded with grip and electrical equipment – we can handle a lot! Cinematix is the perfect solution for supplementing your current video department that may be limited in its inventory of larger and more expensive equipment, or if your crew does not have experience working with technical and professional filmmaking tools.

We’re not just about equipment – we bring the crew to move it, set it up, tweak it, break it down, and wrap it all up again. We aid your existing camera department by providing camera support to help you get the shots you require including a camera crane, a speed-rail slider, and even an electric camera car. If needed we can get practically any filmmaking gear you may require from our motion picture equipment partner. We can even provide a RED 8K camera and operators to complete your acquisition.

  • Two 5-Ton Grip and Electric Motion Picture Trucks

  • 150,000 watts of HMI and Tungsten lights sources

  • Full compliment of grip equipment, flags, overheads, stands, bounces, etc.

  • 500 AMP and 1,000 AMP generator trucks

  • Full cable and Distro package

  • Camera support including crane, tripod dolly, slider, and electric camera car

  • Skilled crew of Grips/Electrics & Ops with commercial and feature experience

  • 8K Red Epic Helium camera package and operators

  • Fully insured with a $2million Liability Policy 

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