Welcome! If you are visiting this page you have been specifically invited to do so as this page is not reachable except by persons who were provided the link. Below are works that are not on our Cinematix portfolio page. Many are videos that are not intended to be seen by the public, as most training films are used only internally. We’ve posted a few here so that persons we invite can see our experience in creating training videos, and can see the quality of work we can achieve here at Cinematix. Below each video is a little bit of information about the project.

The video above is a portion of the 15 minute travel orientation we created for Passport Health. This video is shown to all of their patients that come in for preventive immunization to international destinations.

This is one of 130 videos created for Enthusiam Inc. The videos are available to subscribers only. The above piece is an example of shooting against a blue or green screen.

Above is another example of chromakey and b-roll mixed. This is a small portion of a one hour DVD Vistage presentation about Exit Strategy Planning.

This is Pam Joseph, the new boss at U.S. Bank.  This is a good example of using cinema lenses to create a very shallow depth of field so your attention is solely on the speaker, as the background is creamy and out of focus like in film. This is a also an alternative to white or chromakey, allowing us to place text over the speaker’s shoulder.

This is a New Doctor orientation Cinematix filmed for a podiatry firm. We also filmed at various offices to provide the b-roll.

The video above is just one of nearly thirty training films we just completed for Lazer Spot, one of the trucking industry’s leading location management companies. The company chose not to use  actors but used real employees.



Need to film in the kitchen or restaurant? We can do that too! While these are not exactly training films, they give you an idea of what could be accomplished in a restaurant environment.

CinematixHD filmed 42 episodes of “The Local Table” sponsored by Springer Mountain Farms and STAR94-FM
View the Local Table Youtube Playlist HERE

Above is a conceptual pilot for a now defunct lifestyle web magazine about luxury living that had the poor timing of launching in 2007 just in time for the 2008 debacle. This video was filmed over 8 years ago, so a lot has changed since then.

We hope these examples illustrate our ability to create a training or educational video that will look professional and fulfill its purpose of training your clients or staff members. If you’d like to know more, please call Jim Ross at 770-938-7077.