Shooting action takes a special skill set honed by the cameraman and special equipment designed for the task. Grabbing one of the new DSLR video cameras and heading out to the track or the athletic field is only going to result in disappointment. So if you need to capture things that move fast and furious, you need someone with the resources required to do the job.

“I actually started filming air shows as a hobby in the 90’s.” states CinematixHD founder Jim Ross. “So right from the start I was making discoveries on what worked and what didn’t. The first time I filmed from inside the cockpit of an aerobatic airplane, I knew this is what I wanted to do all the time!”

Over many years of filming Jim learned that special equipment is needed to work in this field. Custom car mounting systems, special OIS (optical image stabilization) lenses, camera cranes and high-end fluid tripods are not optional if you want to capture the action and have it look professional. Working in the industry as it moved into newer technology and higher resolution from standard definition, to 720p to 1080i to 1080p and now to 4K and even 8K, Jim is constantly trying new things and finding out what is a winner and what falls short.

Jim Ross placing a camera mount for Chrysler shoot at Road Atlanta

“Certain cameras simply cannot be used to film action due to their sensors. It just looks awful. You need to know what works before going out to shoot. Some cameras will work but only if you use the right settings and speeds. These are things you learn from being on the track, on the field and on the tarmac. Not in film school, and certainly not in doing random adrenaline work here and there.” he adds.

“Testing cameras for what works is ongoing. Given the speed of technology changing the industry? I will be testing and tweaking cameras as long as I do this!”

Jim ross - filming hudson bay

If you want to make your Adrenaline video project a success, whether it be a product or service, web commercial or TV spot, be sure to put it in the capable hands of an experienced action video production company like CinematixHD.

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