Our Camera Stabilizer Has Arrived!

A way of staying “state of the art” is by investing in new gear and equipment. This week we up’d our game by acquiring a new DJI Ronin camera stabilizer.
This wonderful piece of technology allows a camera operator to hand hold a camera while keeping the camera extremely still. This was previously achieved most commonly by utilizing a Steadicam. But a Steadicam is expensive and bulky. It also takes a great deal of practice and the operator needs to be quite an athlete. (Been there, done that, have the chiropractor bills to prove it!) Fortunately cameras have gotten lighter and smaller. So the engineers at DJI figured how to stabilize a camera weighing less than 15 pounds with a motorized gimbal.

Rather than explain it, it’d be easier to show it. Please note that I did not film either of these videos. These were done by DJI.

Here is a short film created to show off the Ronin.

And here is the Behind the Scenes video to show how they did it!

I am excited to have added this wonderful piece of technology to our “kit” and you can be certain you will be seeing lots of slick adrenaline footage acquired with it!