Cinematix is Now a 4K Production House


This May Cinematix moved fully into the 4K video production field. We currently are filming projects with two cameras capable of filming in 4K resolution, also known as Ultra High Definition. By teaming up a Panasonic DVX200 and the Red Epic “Weapon” we are fully equipped to handle your production needs.

The DVX200 is our choice for run-n-gun action. Panasonic has one of the best Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) systems on the market allowing us to capture sports and action on the run while still garnering smooth shots. This is our fourth Panasonic camera, our first was the HVX200 which revolutionized the industry when released several years ago. It’s little brother the HPX170 was added to our arsenal shortly after. We moved to an AF100 and it’s interchangeable lenses in 2014, and now with the release of the DVX200 we’ve moved into 4K acquisition. The DVX200 also will shoot in 60p allowing us to capture 2.5 times slow motion, which is awesome for sports and action filming.

For the most demanding of shoots we call on the Red Epic Weapon. This is the camera that you will find on the set of major motion pictures. This camera is actually capable of filming in 6K! One of the greatest benefits of the Red Epic Dragon is its ability to shoot high frame rates. This camera will shoot 120 frames per second, allowing you to slow down the action for cinema-like action shots at 1/5th the speed of regular video.

So why shoot in 4K? Most people don’t have 4K televisions, so why bother? I’ll tell you. Back in 2008 I made the move into HD acquisition with the HVX200. Most people I knew in video production rolled their eyes saying I was wasting my money since most people could not watch content in HD. But if you recall, the switch to HD came fast and furious. Pretty soon Youtube was delivering in HD and those same naysayers were wishing they had made the move when I did. Since I had shot in HD I was able to re-release my clients content in HD. Their projects were “future proofed” by my deciding to shoot in HD ahead of its time.

4K will come sooner than you think. Most TV manufacturers have announced they are no longer going to make 1080 TVs. Many have already re-tooled their plants. Any TVs you buy now are past inventory. This Christmas 2016 will probably be the last time you will be able to buy them. So you will have no choice but to buy 4K TVs in the future. So its really not far off. You should be getting any project created now in 4K to future proof your investment.

There are other reasons as well. Foremost, even if you deliver in regular HD, compressing a 4K image down to 1080 results in a much clearer and detailed picture. It’s absolutely amazing. You also are able to resize and crop without losing resolution, allowing you to film a wide shot and a closeup at the same time. And you can use special effects like image stabilization with better results.

I am proud to have made the leap to 4K ahead of the crowd. Just as myself and my team have been staying ahead of the crowd for 16 years in this business.

Stay focused!

Jim Ross