EC3 – Electric Camera Crane Car

Click the image to watch: EC3 Electric Camera Crane Car

We’d like to introduce you to our latest piece of video and filmmaking equipment – the EC3 – Electric Camera Crane Car. A camera platform designed specifically for filming action scenes such as sports and action sequences.

The EC3 was designed to be adaptable to the filming conditions needed. With multiple mounts for speed rail it can be configured for many purposes. The EC3 can travel 15 mph and carry over 1,500 pounds. It has golf cart tires so it will not harm grass or artificial turf, and works well on sand and gravel. When utilized with our other accessories such as our camera crane, and Ronin camera stabilizer, and high speed cameras such as the Red Epic Weapon, and the Panasonic DVX200, it makes possible amazingly smooth shots even on rough surfaces.

In order to showcase the EC3’s capabilities we filmed an action packed marketing video to demonstrate its value on set. Immediately after you will see the behind the scenes footage of how we created the shots. 

Thank you for watching this introduction to the EC3. We will continue to modify and adapt this vehicle as we find new and creative ways to utilize it for film and video acquisition. For more information about working with CinematixHD and the EC3 please contact Jim Ross.