Marketing Golf Clubs No Longer Taboo – It’s About Survival

It’s not breaking news that Golf as an industry has been struggling with declining memberships, course closures, aging players leaving the game and younger generations passing on the game all together. Many clubs are struggling to maintain their membership base, and the majority of clubs are facing some serious challenges.

For many clubs, marketing a golf course is considered taboo. Marketing activities indicate it is in trouble, and is frowned upon. Or there is that mindset by older board members that it’s “just not the way things are done!” because for many decades this has been the norm.

However, faced with financial realities, clubs need to take steps to build their member base, or else. Times have changed, and clubs need to change with the times. It’s become a matter of survival. Market, or close up.

Some clubs have found a way to reach the younger generation of golfers and boost their membership. How? By creating engaging online video about the club and the events that go on at that establishment. A video that piques their interest, and fills them with a desire to visit, take a tour, and ultimately join.

It is the Internet age, and on the Internet now, video rules. Study after study shows that people prefer video. And not just kids. Forbes discovered that even executives in the c-suite prefer video. People prefer video so much that google reports that a video on a home page boosts retention 400%, and keeps people on your website 800% longer. Video increases conversion by 35% meaning that 35% more people are more likely to call you to set up an appointment to tour the club.

Why? Because people simply prefer video. The moving image (as in video or film), engages people more emotionally than text or pictures. This explains our love of films and television. And if you are in sales, I’m sure you remember from sales 101 that “People don’t buy for logical reasons, they buy for emotional reasons.” And video, done right, gets those emotions going so they are more likely to take action. Put simply, if a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a 3 minute engaging and professionally produced video worth?

Statistics aside, just consider it on a gut level – compare a static web page with pictures, to a professional video of the same subject. This is especially true with such experience based offerings like a country club – which do you think is more engaging and more likely to get someone to take a club tour? A few pictures? Or a wonderfully cinematic video showing the experience, and putting the viewer into the experience?

And video supports all other marketing- website, print, social media, direct mail.

So what’s it going to be? Stick to the old ways? Or embrace the new and create a marketing video that will illustrate the joys and benefits of club membership that will have people coming by for a tour?

Jim Ross, Cinematographer and Producer at CinematixHD