Do You REALLY Need a Make-up Artist on Your Video Production?

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Hi I’m Jim Ross Cinematographer at CinematixHD with another episode of Hdpros.. There is an important person that will greatly improve the quality of a video production, however this person is often overlooked when creating a video for business. That person is a talented make up artist, like my friend Marnie here. Thank you. So in today’s episode I’m going to talk to you about why you should always consider using a make-up artist in your video production.

Many people equate using a make-artist and stylist as something you only use for film, or TV shows. That’s a mistake. Because anytime you are filming someone in front of the camera, it’s best if they look their best. And make up is not just for the women. Now, you may not think you need make-up, especially guys, but when you put someone under some bright lights for a testimonial, or for studio work like here on the sound stage, people are shiny and every imperfection shows. For example, here is how I look under these lights prior to sitting in Marnie’s make-up chair.

As a client having a video made for your company, the last thing you want is to see yourself after filming and think that you don’t look your best. As a production professional, the last thing you want is your client telling you that they think they look awful on camera.

A talented and experienced make-up artist (note I said talented and experienced) will know how to make people look their best, and do it without looking like they are wearing make-up at all. A very important consideration, because few men want to look like they are wearing makeup in a video.

Another benefit to having a makeup artist, is that it instills confidence in your speakers. This is especially important if they are not professional actors. In the majority of my work, I am filming people who are either clients of the company we are filming for, or they are members of that company’s team. Injecting a big dose of confidence in that person because they look in the mirror and see they look fantastic, goes a long way towards getting a better performance out of these non-actors.

Now a talented and experienced make-up artist is an expense, and many times people want to shrug it off to save money. But if you are investing significant money into your video production to raise sales and revenues, trying to trim back on this important asset is foolish. To me it’s like not wanting to wash and wax your car before you try and sell it. I mean, you want it to look its best to impress. Do the same for yourself and the people in your video production.

That’s it for today’s episode. I’m Jim Ross, HD Pro with CinematixHD. Thanks for watching.