CinematixHD Monthly Studio Solution

A few weeks ago I reached out to several clients and business associates about an idea to make studio time available on a regular basis. Given the success of social media video I’m aware that people need and want to put out regular video content to stay top of mind to prospects and current clients. But it’s expensive and time consuming to do it with a professional like me. However, the alternative is to do it on the cheap. Well, most of you already engage me to create content for you because you know that an amateur video is not a professional reflection on you. So on-the-cheap is not an option.

The alternative  I came up with is to reserve a day in the studio each month and get a rotation of clients coming in for an hour. A whole day is too costly for most of you, so why not share the expense with multiple people? Come in for a  monthly slot  and do multiple videos at one time. You can film regularly or come back only when you need to, thus spreading the cost over a year, rather than a big chunk at once.

The response I got was positive, so I’ve decided to move forward and proceed with a regular shooting schedule. I will begin filming in studio on the last Tuesday of every month, beginning January 30th, 2017. This is limited to eight people as we are limited to eight one-hour sessions. Sessions are $1,500 and include a full day of editing the material we film. If you commit to filming every month the price drops to $1,000 and you’ll save $500 a month.

Watch the video above to learn more about the process and to see what the videos will look like. We can also work together to create different looks as well. Call me with questions or for more details, or to reserve your slot!

Thanks, and I’ll see you in the studio!



Next filming date is at Magick Lantern Studios  

Call Jim Ross at (770) 938-7077  to reserve your slot.