Cinematix HD is your partner to create effective
and professional training videos for your company.

Video is a powerful tool for training. Study after study show that people learn and retain more when information is presented to them both visually and verbally. Studies also show that training is retained at a higher degree when the material is presented in a story format. Even simple re-enactments on screen about mundane processes are made more memorable and more important when the viewer can relate to the information because it was told in a narrative and entertaining fashion, rather than rote memorization. People learn more when they are both educated and entertained at the same time.

There are other benefits to using video for training:

  • Video is consistent. A video doesn’t have a bad day and forget an important point. It will teach viewers the same complete message every time.
  • Video can be everywhere at once. No matter where the trainee may be, no matter what part of the country, or the world – your training message can reach them immediately.
  • Utilizing video will save you money. Instead of having trainers traveling the country your training video travels effortlessly across the Internet. New hires can be trained faster and put on the job quicker.
  • Utilizing training Videos can also help you in case of litigation- illustrating to the courts that you have taken steps toward ensuring safety and proper conduct on the job, which can be instrumental during a lawsuit.
  • Training videos are available on demand for repeated viewing. If a trainee needs improvement in a specific area, they can repeat a course as a refresher anytime they like.
  • Training videos are an invaluable aid to your current living and breathing trainers. Every good trainer knows that video is a powerful tool to help with their training objectives.

But to be effective your training videos need to be professional and engaging. You trainees won’t be learning a thing if the quality is poor, or the production is boring and they literally have to suffer through it.

At CinematixHD we have the talented crew and the technology to produce training videos for your company that will both educate and entertain your staff, and provide a valuable tool for you to grow and educate your team.

From pre-planning and pre-production, to casting, to filming whether on location or in studio. To editing and delivery. We’ll work with you every step of the way, to ensure you get the most benefit and the greatest return on your investment in training videos for your company.

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